Listening List

I listen to many podcasts. Below is a roughly prioritized list of what I'm listening to in August 2015.

Back to Work - Merlin Mann, Dan Benjamin
Productivity? Children. Comic books. Movies. Mindfulness. "Lifehacks."


Tara Brach - Tara Brach
Mindfulness. Meditation.


Reconcilable Differences - Merlin Mann, John Siracusa
Merlin and John talking.


The Tim Ferriss Show - Tim Ferriss
One on one interviews with interesting people. Lifestyle hacking. Meditation.


Manager Tools - Michael Auzenne, Mark Horseman
Becoming a better manager.


The Talk Show with John Gruber - John Gruber
John Gruber and guest talk Apple.


Accidental Tech Podcast - Marco Arment, Casey Liss, John Siracusa
Technology stuff. Primarily Apple related stuff.


No Agenda - Adam Curry, John C. Dvorak
Media deconstruction.


Career Tools - Michael Auzenne, Mark Horseman
Managing ones career.


The Dalrymple Report - Jim Dalrymple


The Dan Benjamin Hour - Dan Benjamin
Interesting Internet news. Podcasting.


Mac Power Users - Katie Flyoyd, David Sparks


Mystery Show - Starlee Kine
I'm still not sure.


On Being - Krista Trippet
One on one interviews of interesting people.


The Pipeline - Dan Benjamin
One on one interviews of interesting people.


Reply All - PJ Vogt, Alex Goldman
The Internet.


Road Work - Dan Benjamin, John Roderick
Dan and John talking.


Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann, John Roderick
Merlin and John talking.


You Look Nice Today - Scott Simpson, Merlin Mann, Adam Lisagor
Comedy podcast.